Truck carrying a easter basket and egg nearly smashed by hammer!

Devious Obstacle Courses

Jumps, hammers, punching gloves, fallen trees, saws and more will get in the way of safely delivering your egg this Easter!

Customize Your Ride

Discover your favorite car, egg and bowl combinations whilst overcoming the challenges of each track to unlock the new options.

Master Your Racing Skills

Delivering an Easter egg requires smooth driving to keep the egg safe and balanced. This is a useful skill for driving a real racecar at the limit too!

Keep it Alive

The most prestigious achievement ever; consecutively completing all 30 tracks without dropping a single egg!

An old van with a bowl and egg on top driving near large bowling pins!
Truck with easter basked and egg on top driving on decorated road way.

Perfect for Live Streaming

Game was designed for streamer reactions and your audience will laugh and feel your pain as you try again and again!

Warning: Food Allergy, may contain egg products.
This game is not actually edible.

Game Trailer