Truck carrying a easter basket and egg nearly smashed by hammer!


Agile two wheeled vehicles allow more control through narrow jungle paths! Discover your favorite egg, bowl and bike combinations whilst cracking through each track.


Delivering eggs requires a fine balance of speed and safety. Challenge friends on leaderboards and race to deliver eggs faster than anyone in the world!


Eggsplore hidden temples for lost ancient treasures to find golden sea turtles with a shell of gems! Can you collect them all?


Race through thick jungles, sandtastic beaches, crystal caves and ancient ruins of South America. Wild coconuts, cursed treasures and other traps will drive you bananas!

An old van with a bowl and egg on top driving near large bowling pins!
Truck with easter basked and egg on top driving on decorated road way.

Laugh + Cry

Jump for joy as you make insane saves, then instantly scream and shout in rage with the hopeless fails. Reactions that are perfect for live streaming!

Warning: Use your sunscreen while at the beach.
This game may or may not actually cause sunburns.

Game Trailer